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Fun & Creativity


We teach art to the children through painting and using assorted colour pencils.


One of the most fabulous activity that they love is music time. We teach them how to play musical instruments and how to sing.


This is what we do first in the morning, we lead the children through exercise movement, warm up and more. This helps them become focussed throughout the whole day.


In this modern day, our setting believe that language are very important and should start at the earliest possible opportunity. So we teach French and Spanish to all the children.


Mathematic is one of the first skills that children need to know. We believe that it is vital for them to begin at a early age. So we teach them how to count, add and many more.

Outside Play

We believe that there is no fun  without play. So we're glad to open our massive playground, where the children are given the chance to safely have extra fun while learning.

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